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Overview and Benefits

Medicinal Mushrooms have many benefits for your body. As all body function is cellular, from that perspective the benefits of mushrooms on cellular function is vast.

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Mushrooms Amazing Characteristic

Mushrooms are not plants. -200 million years older than plants. -7 times more species than plants. -Breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide just like humans.

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The Mycelium Story

Mycelium is like the root structure of the mushroom. Each cubic inch of soil contains up to 8 miles of mycelium. Think about that for a moment.

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How the mushrooms are grown and harvested

Grown on a gluten free organic oat substrate with the husks intact. -This increases the potency of the mushrooms. -Grown using a proprietary process known as Solid State Fermentation. -This allows for the full capture of the 2-4,000 enzymes and other bio-active compounds that the mushrooms make.

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All 10 of these medicinal mushrooms boost and balance our immune system. Our immune system has offensive players like Natural Killer Cells and a defense which are our antibodies. They must work together to have a winning team. The medicinal mushrooms team contains a huge array of bio-active compounds that stimulate, potentiate and modulate immune function.

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